Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend News

Jack and Eric saw the new ophthalmologist on Friday and my feeling walking out of his office was one of disappointment. Several comments he made throughout our appointment didn't sit well with me. Basically, the guy was arrogant and rushed. I can put up with arrogance, but I won't put up with a doctor who doesn't want to spend the time with Jack that he needs (or, more accurately, one who feels put out because Jack takes more time than his average patient). Without asking a single question about Jack's daily life, such as where he spends most of his time and what he looks at (distance wise) - he just made the assumption that Jack doesn't use his bifocals and therefore, wants to get rid of them. Notwithstanding the fact that Jack has had bifocals since he was 2 years old! Jack has artificial lenses because he had congenital cataracts, so he has one set distance he can see with his lenses (unlike normal lenses which can adjust) -- therefore, it's important to find the distance Jack's uses the most (ie, from his bed to his TV) and then make corrections with glasses to accommodate distance and close-up. He made the comment that he's seen enough kids with bifocals to know that Jack doesn't need them. I had to bite my tongue not to tell him that our ophthalmologist in St. Louis has probably seen as many or more patients like Jack and I think he knows what he is doing too. On top of his attitude he had no bedside manner. Why go into pediatrics if you are going to act grim and serious with your patients. Maybe it's just Jack that brings that out in doctors, but it irritates me that I have such a difficult time finding pediatric specialists in this City who will talk to Jack like he is a person. I'm going to email Jack's STL ophthalmologist and get his take on the changes this guy wants to make. He didn't make any big changes to Eric's prescription, so he might be okay to follow Eric, I'm just not sure about Jack.

In other news, I received an email letting me know that one of our local news stations wants to do a story on Jack's room in March. I told the Room for Joy people they are really forcing me out of my comfort zone. My medium of choice is the written word, not the spoken word. Ad libbing is not one of my strong points (and the reason I'm not a trial lawyer). They say television adds 10 pounds to a person, so I'm in trouble! I have 2 months to lose at least 20 pounds. I guess the chocolate croissant and latte I had this morning will be my last for a while. Bummer.

This weekend was another weekend of Irish dance. Mary has moved up a level and her competition is much tougher. She didn't place in her individual dances, but she won first in her team dance (Ceile). I mentioned to her that it might help if she practiced on occasion (she, of course, didn't like hearing that).

A few pics from this weekend:

Eric and his friend Orla (who competed in her first Feis this weekend)~

Jack hanging out on the couch watching football ~

Mary showing off her new solo dress ~

Have a great week!


Sarah said...

I would be so put out by that ophthalmologist Ann. It's so sad that he can't look into Jack's eyes and see his sweet soul. Mary, Mary....I remember my teen years so well. It's so hard to hear your mom tell you that you'll get out of it what you put into it. As far as the story on Jack's room, I feel your pain. Your life is already so invaded. You can't accept a gift without having to be invaded just a little bit more. If anybody can get the weight off in time, I'm sure it's you. HUGS!

julie w said...

I don't think I'd be happy with that opthalmologist either - you're right to take advise from the one in St Louis IMO.
I love Mary's dress, that is so pretty.

Melisande said...

The kids look fabulous as usual! Jack looks very happy. I am with you on the STL thing. I just can't take anything else...I guess I'm spoiled!! ;)

It's good to get the word out with the media stuff. I am not pleased about all of what I've had to do on the news and such, but it's not about me....besides you are tall and beautiful, Ann!