Friday, January 04, 2008

A Quiet Heart

It seems when things are going well, the words don’t come. It’s in times of sadness, pain or anger that the words flow so freely from my heart. These days, my heart is content and quiet. Quiet is good … it’s also boring. It’s times like this, that I question this whole blogging thing. Sure, I can always write about the mundane details of our day to day lives, but really, how interesting is that? I usually do my best thinking when I’m driving to and from work with my iPod blasting my favorite music through the car speakers. Incidentally, my music of choice these days is Chris Tomlin – his version of Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) is beautiful and intensely moving. My drive time is usually when I mentally draft most of my “blog thoughts”. Yet, even with the spiritual music of Chris Tomlin to reflect upon, nothing is happening upstairs (at least in terms of creative thoughts). I’m certainly not looking for trouble just to come up with something profound to say. Nor am I sure what the point of this post is. I guess I feel a responsibility to have something to offer to those of you who come here to read. Then again, maybe a simple Jack update, a picture or two and an occasional video clip of my silly Eric is all anyone shows up for. I don’t know … you tell me.

Because I’ve nothing profound to offer, I’ll share a few mundane details of everyday life.

It’s another busy month of appointments. Jack has his second radiation treatment to his salivary glands next week. I’m really nervous about doing it, but the consensus is that the first treatment didn’t help at all. My fear is that the second treatment will go too far and Jack won’t have any saliva production – which is not a good thing either. The decisions are just never easy. Jack and Eric have an appointment with a new ophthalmologist in two weeks. This will be the third ophthalmologist I’ve seen here in Arizona. The previous ones haven’t been bad, they just haven’t been of the same caliber we get at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Jack really needs to be followed closely because of his congenital cataracts and subsequent lens implants and since we didn’t go back to SLCH last summer, I thought I’d give this new guy a try. I haven’t decided yet if we are going back to SLCH this year. I’d rather not, but I also want to keep the St. Louis docs in the loop in case a serious issue comes up with Jack, as they are the only docs I trust implicitly. We also see the orthotist this month for adjustments to Jack’s DAFOs and to see about getting different hand splits. In non-medical news, the kids start back to school next Tuesday and Eric will be starting at the new school, with a new teacher. Soccer starts up again this month for Eric and Mary has an Irish dance competition one of the weekends this month (thankfully, it's here in town).

That's our month in a nutshell. Now, it doesn’t get any more exciting than that, eh?!

Have a wonderful weekend.


j worthington said...

Ann - that's profound enough for me! You wanna see Sam's blog - it consists of -more augmentin, rsv again and we got respite tonight so going to the pub! (now that is boring!)
I love to read not just how Jack is doing, but Eric always amuses me and I love to hear about Mary and her irish dancing. It's also good to know how you're bearing up too. We at the worthy household think you're all great! Mwah!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,

I know I hardly ever post but I have been reading your blog since Jack had his surgery. I love the way you write and on several occasions I have been in tears by your posts that just seem to sum up everything that I feel but could never express as well!
I also love the stories about Eric and of course hearing about Jack ( boring news is best of all!!).
I hope you do keep blogging and please know it is definitely helping me!
Lots of love to you,the family and a big kiss to Jack xxxx


Anonymous said...

I find that the mundane is profound enough in our lives! Life is never dull even when we think it is. Keep blogging. We are "listening." Happy Epiphany tomorrow. I've got some John Rutter in my ipod right now for my nasty St. Louis commute. There is nothing more spectacular than "For the Beauty of the Earth." Absolutely yummy! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...


As I've said before, I love reading your blog. Your thoughts let me know that I am not alone. And that has provided an unbelievable amount of comfort to me. (thank you) Plus, I don't think your life is boring. Although I'm sure the down times seem that way to you. I think I can relate to that! Well, if you ask me... if you keep writing, I'll keep reading.

Much love to you all,
Christy (Harlie's mom)

Anonymous said... name is Kimberly. I work with Mark. He has shared bits and pieces of Jacks story. It was so great to see what 'Room for Joy' created for Jack. It brought tears to my eyes when Mark showed us the clipping in the paper.

Ann, as a mother, you are a true inspiration to me; Reading your blogs made me realize so many things. I had to stop reading for a moment and just thank God for every day He gives us our health. Our children are ages 4 and 2 and are healthy as we know it. I need to consistantly remember that this is a blessing and to be thankful.

Challenges may come into our lives, but may you look to Him in every time of need.

Thank you for your blogs as you have touch my life in a very special way.

Blessings to you and your family!

Kimberly W.

Melisande said...


You said a lot for your "mundane" life! Take care, Schrooten clan!