Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bragging Rights

This week, I had the pleasure of receiving in the mail, the following letter (in part):

To the Family of Mary Schrooten: As this successful school year winds to a close, it is time to recognize and reward those students who have demonstrated excellence in academics. Mary is one of those students! On behalf of the staff of Hamilton High School, I would like to invite you to the 9th Annual Academic Awards Ceremony. . . . Mary is being recognized for her academic success this year.

Mary is truly my "easy" kid and such a joy to have around. Other than the fact that her room always looks like a tornado hit it, she gives me almost no trouble. She is always willing to help me out and she has such a tender heart for "special" kids. I think I'll keep her!

You think I'm kidding about her room?
(this is one of her better days - you can actually see the floor)

Then there are her things that never make it up to her room

In other news:

I was able to get most of Jack's team together for a training session on the eye-gaze system which is scheduled for next week. I'm hoping to get some renewed enthusiasm for learning and using the system from Jack's team because I cannot do this on my own. And, of course, the only people who couldn't seem to accommodate their schedules to make the training session were the therapists from the school district. I sent off a not-so-nice email letting them know that I wasn't surprised in the least that the school district was the one member of Jack's team that once again managed to let us down. To be honest, I am very close to severing ties completely with the school district. What bothers me more than the fact that they don't provide adequate services (and are so in violation of Jack's IEP it's ridiculous) is the fact that they actually believe they are helping Jack and appropriately meeting his needs. Who do they think they are kidding? Certainly not me!

And ...

I've come up with a really cool idea for a project that will be an extension of my "Dear Future Physician" letter. Stay tuned ............

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mary. Well done! I hope Jack's team gets on baord with his system soon. He has a lot to say!!!

Anonymous said...

Mary is allowed to have a messy room. Tell her I said that it was ok. Congrats Mary.

Good luck with the rest of Jack's team.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Mary!! That's awesome. I can't wait to see her in June. Evan remembers her and is looking forward to seeing her as well.


julie w said...

Oh well, what she lacks in tidiness, she makes up for in brains! Congratulations Mary!
Hope Jack's team get on board quickly.

Love Juliexx

Emma R. said...

Congrtulations to Mary. That is awesome, what a smart young girl (and beautiful too!) you have. I hope all goes well with Jack's team I hope things work ut for his system, it sounds really amazing.


Anonymous said...

Just thought I would pop in to say, there are some days that my room would make Mary's look fantastic. As long as I keep the rest of the house relatively clean I reserve the right to have our bedroom be a little messy :-)
You can always shut the door!

Kris :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for telling the whole world i'm a slob mom..