Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Real Deal

Here's the "real deal" -- the people who really care about helping Jack reach his full potential.

We had a great training session this evening. It seems that after each session there are more questions than answers. But, we are making progress getting the system set up so that it meets Jack's needs. It's just amazing all the things this system will be able to do. Jack was able to "launch" the internet today. We have "Google" set as our home page but that didn't do much for Jack. I also found out that we can download movies directly to the computer and Jack will be able to select and launch the movies himself. Very cool!

Onward ............


Anonymous said...

AWESOME! i can't wait to see what Jack can do with this.

Anonymous said...

That is so flippin' cool. I wish Jack all the best with figuring it all out.
What a great team of dedicated people.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ann, that is fantastic to see all those people there to help Jack.


julie w said...

That's amazing! Glad to see all those supportive people. Maybe I can teach Sam to access movies on computer - he's broken 2 dvd players! hehe

Melisande said...

Now that's the crew you want to see in your home, eh?

Jack's going to learn to have some fun with that system!! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

What an incredible picture. Jack is much loved. I hope the system is able to open up a whole new world for him!