Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Day Late ...


We had a quiet 4th of July around here. When it's 110 outside, all you really want to do is stay inside!

It was one year ago this weekend that my mom had surgery and was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor (glioblastoma multiforme). We were told that she only had a year or less to live. I went to my mom's appointment with the oncologist on Thursday and her MRI is still clean. Remarkable! She's got a huge hole in her brain where they took out the tumor, but still no return of the tumor. I think the oncologist is quite impressed as well. The oncologist says he will take my mom off the chemo (Temador) in August (she will have been on it for one year at that point) and then, in his words ... "we hold our breath". I'm not sure I agree with his game plan because I have a friend whose brother has the same type of tumor and he was on the Temador for 2 years (with no recurrence) before they took him off. I think I'll do some research on this before our next appointment.

Also, on this weekend of celebrating our Independence, remember our troops (past and present) for all they've done to ensure our independence and freedom. I have a brother who is serving in Afghanistan right now. We are expecting him home safe and sound by Christmas.


Just saw this on TV and thought it was very moving:

Have a great rest of the weekend. Stay cool, stay safe and enjoy time with your family.


julie w said...

Hope you have a restful weekend with your family, theat clip was very moving.


Susan said...

Hi Ann,

I found your blog from Heather's and wanted to drop by and say hi.

I took a peak around and I've been so blessed by this visit.

I'm so glad you decided to journal and share Jack's journey with us all. (He is precious, as all your children are!)

I was so blessed to read your mom is doing well, I will keep her in my prayers now.

My son was dx with a glioma also, at 16. His is low grade (stage 2). He's done well, and doing great now. I'm believing the same for you mom.

When Jordan was in Kindergarten, (he is mentally handicapped) he befriended a boy who had Jack's dx.

They went through school together until 9th grade. Danielle went to be with Jesus at 16.

Jordan adored him and so did we!

Sorry for rambling.

I'll be back, so nice to meet you!