Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eric Funny

Mom, I have to stay up late tonight because I'm busy.
Mom: What are you busy with?
Eric: I don't know, I still have to figure that out.

What a nut. I was thinking the other day that Eric was never really a toddler. He went from baby to grown-up kid right before my eyes. Well, technically he was a toddler, but it seems like once he started talking, he's been our "equal" in conversations. It will be interesting to see how First grade compares to Kindergarten for him. {interruption - see below}. As I was saying - this upcoming school year should be interesting. For that matter, life should be interesting with my little grown-up.


As I'm sitting here at my computer typing this, Eric asked me if I had any blueprints. What? I asked him if he knew what blueprints were. Why of course, they are what you use to make plans. I guess he'll be busy making "plans" tonight. Heaven help me!


julie w said...

You've got a bright spark there, Ann - he'll go far! lol


Dawn and Ann said...

Ann, I don't think we have your address. Send it to me at mama2grayson@aol.com and I'll send Eric some blueprints from my office. Your sister-in-law, Dawn

Anne said...

That kid KILLS me!!

Sarah said...

Eric cracks me up! Malakai and Aubrey have been drawing blueprints of the inside of the house. They are marking all the spots where they think they can find loose change. :) I am sure first grade will be a huge success! Just keep trying to challenge him.