Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to School

As I was typing the title to this post, it filled in the letters automatically. Which means ... I've already used this title before.  Oh well, I can only come up with so many original titles in a four year blogging span.

Yes, school is back in session and the kids are none too happy about it.  I'm not thrilled either because I'm so not ready for the homework battles with Eric every night.  

Mary is a senior this year. I swear she just started high school.  They grow up way too fast.  

First day of school senior year.  Not a worry in the world . . . or a backpack or a lunch!

Eric's first day of school.  See the kid with the green plaid backpack who is laughing?  The first thing he says when he sees Eric, in an exasperated tone: "Eric, you have the SAME backpack you had last year!"  Hey kid, Shhhhhhh .... Eric is just fine using the same backpack again!  Who knew that little boys cared about getting new backpacks every school year?  Fortunately, Eric could care less about getting a new backpack and he's happily used the same backpack for the last three years (a great purchase from Lands End).

Looking around in the sea of kids .... 

Finally .....

a recent picture of me and Jack.  

I needed a picture to submit to CureCMD in connection with the LA 1/2 marathon I am walking in October.  I don't like this picture because I look old.  Fact is, I AM old.  But, I suppose it beats the alternative, so I will joyfully accept the wrinkles, grey hair and bags under my eyes  because I am afforded the privilege of life.  Well, I might not joyfully accept the consequences of my age, but I'll accept them nevertheless. 

That's all I've got from the Schrooten Ranch. Wishing you all a wonderful week!


worthy said...

Can't believe your kids are just going back to school and ours have just finished for the summer! I have the joys of kids under my feet till September!
I love the picture of you and Jack - and before I read what you had written underneath I was thinking "why does Ann never look any older, when I seem to age by the day!" So you don't look old and wrinkly - you look great!

Anonymous said...

you don't look old - you look beautiful!! it's a lovely pic of you and Jack :)

Susan said...

Ann that is silly! You look great! I think it's a great photo of you and Jack. And I love the picture of Eric in a see of kids. Here in Seattle, I'm just gearing up for summer, we finally started seeing the sun. I can't believe yours are going back to school. I can feel the fall approaching, but we have until September, 7th I believe.

ssouth said...

Going on year three for Ben's backpack too! And you look beautiful, Ann! I love that picture. Now I have to go explore CMD again...


bettyd said...

Nice photo, Ann! You look great, as does Jack

- betty

Ms. Crabass said...

Omg...are you kidding??? I was shocked to see that that photo was "recent"! You certainly do not look old, and if you do, then I want to look 'old' too. gah!
Anyhoo, Jack is still the sweetest kid in the west. Love that you took pics of the chaos that is the first day of school...btw, I've yet to really experience, but will come this Sept.
Your kids are unusually gorgeous. Must be the water in AZ.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, Ann. You all look wonderful and you are beautiful as ever. Funny about the backpack. I had to buy Jacob a new one this year to replace the one he has had for 3 years. Granted, he is not nearly as rough on them as typical kids (in fact, he never touches it), but he needed a new one.