Friday, July 09, 2010

Yeah, It's Friday.

How come short work weeks always feel like the longest?  I'm so ready for the weekend.  We are spending another weekend at the Ryan House.  As you have probably noticed, we are trying to spend one weekend a month there to get the staff used to Jack and Jack used to the staff. I'm not sure when I'll be comfortable leaving Jack by himself there, but the hope is that some day I will get to that point.  We'd like to visit my brother in Florida next March during Spring Break, so hopefully by then.

This weekend I won't have Eric with me, so I actually might get some respite.  I didn't tell Eric we were going to the Ryan House because I was afraid he wouldn't get on the plane to Peggy's.  As much as Eric loves Peggy, he likes the Ryan House equally as much.  The news from St. Louis is that Eric is having a great time.  I hear it's humid and rainy ... all the better for a bug-guy like Eric :)  It sure is quiet around here without Eric, but, I'll be honest, it's a nice break to just have one kid to get ready for bed at the end of the day.  Eric fights me every step of the way at bedtime, so it's been nice not having the bedtime battles.  Oh, if only someone would force me to go to bed at 9 o'clock every night!

Last night, I put together the pots you see below to take to the Ryan House, courtesy of The Willow Tree Foundation. The pots contain bubble bath, lotion and lavender scented and shea infused lounge socks from Bath and Body Works.  I dropped off a set of pots back in April and the word is, the families really enjoyed them.  It's nice to be able to support the Ryan House, if only on a small scale.

Thanks for checking in.  

Wishing you all a great weekend. 


worthy said...

Have a great weekend Ann. Love the pots xx

Susan said...

ENJOY your weekend! The pots are lovely.

Anonymous said...

The pots are adorable. I hope you enjoy your weekend ;-) ~Amanda

Anne said...

I recognize those pots! Have a great weekend girlfriend. :-)

Tess Katherine MacMillan said...

You are too kind Ann. Very thoughtful indeed. Olivia always gets bent out of shape when we drop off Abby at the Rotary Home, she thinks it looks like so much fun. You will get to the point of comfort, where you can leave Jack and be trusted that they will take good care of him. xoxox