Sunday, July 23, 2006

Arrived Safely in St. Louis

We arrived in St. Louis this evening safe and sound. What a long two days! The first day you think "this is okay" ... by the second day, you are thinking "why am I doing this again?". We have a week of appointments, beginning with the ophthalomologist tomorrow for both Jack and Eric, the cardiologist and ENT on Tuesday, the orthopedic surgeon, anesthesiology consult and pre-op blood work and Wednesday and Thursday is a day of rest. (yeah, right!). Thanks for your continued prayers and good thoughts.


becca said...

glad you made it safe and sound. I hope everything goes good this week. Take care

Julie Worthington said...

Love the blog and Sam loves looking at Jack's pictures. Glad you got there safely. I think you'll need that rest on Thursday, the week sounds like its gonna be exhausting. Love Juliexxx

Lora G. said...

Love the pictures - Jack looks like he travels well. I am glad you arrived safetly and I hope everything continues to go well. I'm praying for you guys. Call if you need anything.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I hope the weather/power outage hasn't interfered with your week so far. Been thinking of you and glad you made it safely. Eric should add some laughter to the time there!!! Gloria

Erica said...

Hi Ann, So glad to hear you made it to STL safely, and I hope the week is going well so far. Just wanted to let you know you are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Love, E

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,

Hope all is going well for you guys. I will be praying for Jack. It looks to me like you have a really nice family. Take care and keep your positive attitude.