Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jack and Mommy

Together we can do anything


Anonymous said...

Ann and Jack

Great blog! Here's hoping for a successful day on Friday, and may the recovery be uneventful. You've got lots of friends thinking and praying for you, including one from St. Louis now in LA.


Ricardo said...

Hello Jack and family:

I will be praying for your prompt recovery. I have faith in GOD that everything will go fine. Ann as always is a GREAT mother, keep the good work. You know that God is always watching for you.

God bless you all,

(Dr. Garcia)

sebby said...


prayers going out to you and Jack for a successful surgery tomorrow. you are so strong and inspiring to many of us out here in cyber-land!!


Anonymous said...

Ann, Jack and Mark;
You are all truly an inspiration to those who know you. I'm grateful for our friendship and feel blessed to know Jack. As Mark said tonight (can you guess who wrote this?) we all need to be more like Jack. Jack doesn't expect much, complain, or fuss just to get attention. Instead, he delights in life's most simple but most meaningful gestures. A smile, a kind voice, a gentle touch all thrill Jack. This is the same reaction I saw from Jack as a baby and his sweetness still shines through. We all love Jack and he is truly a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Sending lots of prayers to you today. Hope the surgery goes well and Jack continues to smile (((HUGS)))) to you Ann.

Lots of love
Julie and Sam

Anonymous said...

Well, that picture made me cry!! It's 7:35 am here so I'm sure Jack is now in pre-op. I'll be with you all day at least in spirit-God will be too-I'm sure of it.

Much love-

Anonymous said...

Dearest Ann,
My thoughts are with you and Jack today.I know this is so hard.I am praying for him, I know we''ll see that smile on these pages again soon.
With much love,
Kathy Hawley

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you all as things are getting underway today.

Many hugs, Sandra Dargel

michelle said...

Thanks for keeping us updated! The blos and pictures are wonderful. Our prayers are with all of you and we send Jack a big hug and kiss from AZ.

Michelle and Sara

Carrie said...

The picture is perfect! You and Jack are both heavy in my heart today. I will continue to pray for a smooth day and quick recovery.
Lots of Love

Erica said...

I love the picture; brought tears to my eyes. You're in my thoughts and prayers all day today.
Much Love, Erica

Melisande said...

We're praying for you all today and looking for updates! Love the picture of hands... so sweet and true! Our kids are us. We are them. {hugs, prayers}

Marcie said...


You and Jack are in my thoughts and prayers. It is now 11:15 and everytime I look at the clock I think of you both and say a quick prayer. The picture is touching. Lots of love!!


Leigh Ann said...

Ann, Jack and Family:

Sending love and prayers to all of you on what will be a long and difficult day. Jack is, as Ann always says, a trooper, and I can't wait to see his next picture because I'm sure he'll be sitting up giving us that same adorable smile.

Love, Leigh Ann

Anonymous said...

hey mom!! hope jacks surgery went well and that everyone is doing good. Hilary says hello and rylie sends kisses hehe. We all miss you!!

love, mary.

Anonymous said...

Ann, Just want to let you know my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


Special K & The B Boys said...

Everytime I look at this picture, I cry.
Oh I just love Jack and his cute little hand!

Is it 28 days from last time I cried?

Much love,