Saturday, July 22, 2006

Half way to STL

We arrived safely in Amarillo after 12 1/2 hours on the road. Seems the more we do this drive, the less painful it is. Although, I'm not sure Mark would agree since he does all the driving. Jack is such a good traveler and was happy the entire time just watching his videos. Eric and Jack's nurse - Kristi - will fly out to St. Louis tomorrow morning. The girls are at the house with friends of ours until Monday, then they will stay with my sister until Mark gets back into town.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers ... keep them coming. Here's a picture of Jack watching "Elmo" as we are traveling through New Mexico.


Melisande Hill and family said...

Hi Ann! The blog looks great! I love all the pics of all your kids!

Carrie said...

Jack looks like he's having a great time. Looks like the DVD player is a big hit!

Be safe