Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Busy two days

We've had a busy two days. Both boys saw the ophthalmologist yesterday. Jack needs a stronger prescription and Eric needs glasses. Eric is farsighted and, as a result, has a lazy eye. Should be fun keeping glasses on a four year old. Eric scared me to death when he was asked to identify the letter on the screen and his response was "I don't see any letters". I thought for sure he was blind in that eye and it was all my fault because I hadn't taken him to the eye doctor sooner. Fortunately, when the letter was made bigger ... he could see it. Phew! Jack saw the cardiologist today. They did an EKG and an echocardiagram and nothing of concern showed up. After the cardiologist, it was off to the ENT. Everything is "cool" there too. We spent close to 5 hours down at Children's Hospital -- the majority of the time waiting. However, it's worth it to have all of Jack's doctors located in the same building, all with access to his information. Tomorrow we get to do it all over again! Today's pictures are from the rooftop garden located on the 8th floor of the hospital. The first picture is of Jack making a wish and throwing his penny into the wishing pond. Hmmmm, wonder what he wished for? Thanks for checking in on us.


Carrie said...

The boys look great! Eric and glasses that should be fun:) I'm glad things are going smooth, I hope they continue.
We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Love ya

Gloria said...

Poor Eric!! My grandson, Dylan, had lazy eye and had corrective surgery at a pediatric eye dr. next Phoenix CHildren's. Would that be an option for Eric? Sounds like you're not faced with any outage difficulties. Stay cool and keep the faith! Gloria