Friday, July 28, 2006

We are in the PICU

After 9 1/2 hours in the OR, Jack is in the PICU. His face is incredibly swollen because he was in a face down position for a long time. He looks like he's been hit by a mac truck -- and is almost unrecognizable. He opened his eyes for me and the tears started flowing (from him and me). They have him pretty drugged up and I'm hoping he doesn't wake up for a while. Thanks so much for checking in and for leaving us such wonderful messages of love and support. You have definitely carried me (and Jack) through this day.


Anonymous said...

Oh Ann, I'm so glad that the worst is behind you. I'll be praying for a speedy recovery. Give Jakc a kiss from me and Ashley.

Annette and Ashley
(from the trach board)

Anonymous said...

Lots of love flowing from Canada to you and Jack.

Tess and Abby

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad he's out of surgery. Many prayers for a quick recovery and that his heart-melting smile is back soon. I hope they keep him nice and comfortable.


Anonymous said...

Sending lots of prayers

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of you and Jack today. I am so happy he is out of the OR and has you by his side. I pray he will continue to be the trooper that he is and recover as quickly as he can.

Sending hugs and prayers from me and Marisa...
Michelle (from trach board)

Anonymous said...

Lots of hugs and love coming your way.


sebby said...

good to hear he is out safely- i'll be praying for a smooth recovery with minimal pain.


Lora G. said...

I am glad his surgery went well. I am praying that his recovery goes well and his pain is completely managed. Ann, I hope you can get some rest and a few moments of peace.
Lots of love,
Lora and Zoe

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad he is out of the OR. I couldn't sleep without knowing that he is okay. Nathan and I will keep him close in prayer as he recovers! Big, big hugs to you both--gentle ones for Jack and big mommy hugs for you!
Grace and Peace,
Kristy & Nathan

mom2twinsplus1 said...

Get better soon Jack. I will say lots of prayers for you. Ann I will say a few for you too! I am glad things went well. Love to you

Melisande said...

Many prayers for a speedy recovery. Jack has many people on his side! We're glad the surgery itself is over and the healing can begin! Love you guys!

Dick said...


Glad Jack made it through the OR, praying that all goes well from here.

You guys are my hero’s; Jack, you and Mark as well as the rest of your family are the most courageous people I know.

Take care and get some sleep.

Baghdad, Iraq

Dee L. said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you Jack and Ann... May God give you all the strength to get through this.

Anonymous said...

I know it must have been a horribly long day. It's good to hear Jack is in PICU and out of surgery. I pray that all continues to go well and will be thinking of you andd Jack.

Carol (zachgram)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the surgery is over and behind you. I'm praying Jack's pain will be well managed!! Take care of yourself too, Ann!! Lots of love!

Marcie and Nate

Anonymous said...

You all have been in our thoughts and prayers all day. So glad to hear Jack is out of surgery. With you and Mark with him, he feels safe. We send more prayers and support and are thinking of you always.

Michelle and Sara

Anonymous said...

Love and kisses coming your way!!!!

Love Kris and the girls

Anonymous said...

Jack is such a strong boy and he has a very special mom. Don't worry Ann, pretty soon there will be miles of smiles coming from that wonderful little boy! Sending all of the best to you!
love your trach board friends,
Sharon & Hannah

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann & Mark,

Dan & I wanted you to know that we are praying for you guys and for special Jack. What a hero! Give him a kiss from us.

Dan & Bridget

Joey Jack & Maggie

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad things are going okay-I've been praying all day! Will continue to pray for a speedy recovery.
Hugs and Prayers
Katie and Mitchell
(trach board)

Gloria said...

Phew! Your ordeal is not over, but I am SO THANKFUL that Jack made it through and what's a smashed face among friends and loved ones! You've been on my mind all last night and today and we at work have all been thinking of you and checking your blog all day. I even took the occasion to remove the dust from your desk! Take good care of yourself & Mark and Jack and Eric. We won't quit our prayers! P.S. You don't have to be strong anymore!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ann, so glad that the surgery is over. Hope that they keep darling Jack pain free and look forward to seeing his smile again soon.

Lots of love from across the pond.

Julie, John, Jonathan, James and Sam xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
So pleased to hear the operation is over. Have been praying for you all. Here's to a quick recovery and as pain free as possible. Hope you are doing ok and know we are all thinking of you.
Lots of love and prayers,

Bea and Katie xxxx

Anonymous said...

Glad he got through surgery o.k. and praying for a speedy recovery.


mandi said...

Glad Jack's surgery went well! I hope they can keep him very comfortable and pain free. I will be praying for you and jack.
mandi from trach boards

Anonymous said...

Ann -

I'm glad the surgery went well. 9+ hours must have been tough for you and others waiting. I hope Jack's pain is managed well, but I know you will advocate for him if there are issues. We are thinking of you, Jack and the rest of your family.

- betty

carrie said...

I hope you both had a comfortable night. Lots of love, thougths and prayers coming your way.