Tuesday, February 06, 2007

80 and Sunny --> 30 and Snow

"Winter" is officially over here in the Valley of the Sun. Today was a gorgeous 80 degrees and sunny. Eric and I leave this weekend for St. Louis for a follow-up appointment with the ophthalmologist on Monday. The forecast is for SNOW on Monday and Tuesday. Yikes! It probably seems crazy to go all the way to STL for a follow-up eye appointment but, I am 100% comfortable with the ophthalmologist in STL and I'm less than 100% comfortable with the ophthalmologist here. Plus, it's a chance to get a couple nights sleep without having to listen to the blasted baby monitor and, best of all ... a chance to visit with my dear friend, Peggy.

Jack's definitely got some intestinal virus going on. Let's just say diaper changes send everyone running while exclaiming "I'm outta here" (Eric) or "Oh my God" (Mary). We now have candles burning in Jack's room to freshen up the place. He's also full of snot and his heart rate has been above 100 for a week (unusual for him). Naturally, he gets sick before I'm scheduled to leave town. I just don't want another phone call from Mark like I got last June when Jack was sick and I was in STL for the trach conference. I answer my cell phone to be asked this question: "When do you know if it's time to take Jack to the emergency room?" My answer ... "not unless he is a full code!" (and I'm completely serious ... I don't do ERs with Jack.) Hopefully, Jack will just behave himself the 2 1/2 days I'm gone.


julie worthington said...

Ooh I can't wait for warm weather! Its really cold here and we are forecast heavy snow for tomorrow. Hope all goes well with your visit to the opthalmologist. Also, I hope Jack is feeling better soon, sounds like fun in your house right now.

Love and hugs

kristy said...

Poor Jack! I hope his tummy is back to normal soon! I'm jealous of your warm weather...

Anonymous said...

grrrr on that nice weather you are having. We have been -29 here. We had a frostbite warning the other day. Unexposed skin will freeze in 10 min. What is up with that?
Sorry to hear that jack isn't feeling the best. I hope he gets better real soon.

Angie said...

Cold weather is good, the crunching snow under your feet, crisp air to breathe, bright sun on snow, hoarfrost on trees, bundling up to go out and then enjoying a warm cup of cocoa after coming in. Enjoy it. Attitude is everything.

Melisande said...


If ya git a hankerin for a truck stop moment, yer welkom at ourins place!

wink. wink.