Saturday, February 10, 2007

Faces of Jack

At night, before I turn off the lights, I ask Jack to show me his sleepy eyes. The fact that he can do this is of great significance to me. Before Jack's anoxic event, he made the best faces ... we would ask him to show us his happy face, sad face, sleepy face, mad face, etc. and he was great. It took over a year after his anoxic event for him to be able to show me his sleepy eyes again. He is still unable to show us his other "faces" on request. However, the fact that I can ask him to show me his sleepy eyes and he can do it, is an affirmation that he is still "here" following his event. You can see him processing the information and the delay before he can get his body to do what his mind tells it to do. I ask him to show me a second time just to make sure (in my mind) that it was a conscious act and not just happenstance. You can also hear how excited I get over such a simple gesture. I just wonder what Jack could tell us if we could translate what's in those eyes to words.

Here is Jack this morning when I mentioned putting his DAFOs on. Obviously, he did not like the idea! There's a bit of acting going on as he tries to keep himself from smiling while giving me the pout. (btw, he will get his DAFOs on sometime today - much to his dismay.)

(DAFO = Dynamic Ankle-Foot Orthosis - braces for Jack's feet/ankles)

Got a call from the ophthalmologist's office Friday afternoon telling me that the doctor unexpectedly had to go out of town and he wouldn't be there on Monday. I told them I still plan on coming, so could they get us with someone else, which they did. Mark and I both think Eric will probably need surgery because his eye still wanders, so it's a bit disappointing that our doctor can't see Eric. Oh well ... trying not to sweat the small stuff. If nothing else, it's a much needed break away from the stresses of work and Jack.

Have a great weekend.


Pat Killen said...

LOVE "the faces of Jack"...he says it all without saying a word!
He is absolutely beautiful.
Safe travels and good luck with Eric next week.
Pat and Chuck

kari said...

OHMYGOD, the JACK POUT is the most awsome funny face EVER! LOVE it! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Sleepy eyes are cute, too, but I've always been a sucker for a pout!

Milan's got leg braces, too...and it's like wrestling wet cats to try to get 'em on him. And about as much fun. The braces themselves are one thing, putting shoes on over them's even worse. Hateful things. I join Jack in the pouting...

Melisande said...

How can to say no to that pout! He's such a doll! He obviously loves his Mama very much. You can see that in his eyes too.

kristy said...

Those sleepy eyes are the cutest thing I've ever seen...except the pout! Oh my goodness, was that cute!!!!!! His eyes are magnificent. They tell quite a story. I hope the trip to STL isn't too bad...

julie worthington said...

Wow, he certainly Did NOT want to put those DAFO's on! That pout was the best. What fantastic facial expressions Jack has. Sam has DAFO's too, but they are only for night time. I have to wait till he is asleep to put them on - like Kara said - it's like wrestling wet cats!!

Love you Jack!!!


Anonymous said...

That was the sweetest thing like EVER. I love, love, love the sleepy eyes. And that pout. OMG I would give that kid anything, if he gave me that pout. I thought that Olovia was a good pouter, but she has nothing on Jack. His eyes are very expressive, he can say a lot with them.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I too love the faces of Jack! Hope you are having fun with Peggy.

Annie Annie Bo Bannie

Kerry said...

OMG Ann! He's got you good! (and me too) That lip curl is the most guilt-yielding expression I have ever seen from a child! oooh he's good

It's fascinating to see Jack processing your questions. It's almost if he's thinking about busting your chops first "should I give her what she wants? yes, it would make her smile back at me"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my day! He is such a beautiful boy. I love the faces and the fact that he was trying not to laugh at you when he was pouting. Wish I could give that face lots of kisses.

I hope you,Eric and Peggy are having a little fun in STL.
Safe flight home my friend.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

I just had to watch those again today. They are so friggin' cute, I can't stand it. I was in a bad mood and now I am happy again. Thankyou Jack.