Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Warm and Sunny .... Please

On the plane on the way out .... looking a little nervous
Starbucks before we left for the airport.

So far ... no snow, but it's been rainy, cold and miserable. I almost forgot how awful Winter could be. Edit: it's now snowing and our flight is delayed. I just hope we get out of here today!

Eric's eye appointment went extremely well. Eric went from seeing the first row on the eye chart (you know ... the BIG letter on top) with his "bad" eye to seeing the second to last row. He also went from having no depth perception to regaining it completely -- all this just by wearing glasses for 5 months. The doctor told me that everything they want to see happen -- happened. Gee, that's a first for one of my kids!

It's been great spending time with Peg. We've stayed up late - talking lots and polishing off a few bottles of wine in the process. We are heading to the airport soon - I'm anxious to see Jack's sweet little face. I'm so glad you all have enjoyed "Jack's faces" - it means so much that you can "see" what I see in his eyes and face.

Have a great day and those of you who live where you actually get Winter .... stay warm.


Melisande said...

Have a safe trip home. I think you are leaving just in time!!!

kristy said...

The snow is here! I hope you missed it!! I'm glad Eric's appointment went so well. You needed a good visit! We look forward to seeing more of Jack's faces!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get out of St. Louis-we have lots of snow here. YUCK. Can I come and live with you? Glad to hear that all went well with Eric's visit!


Cindy said...

Great news Ann!