Thursday, February 22, 2007


As many of you know, I am active on a message board for parents of children with trachs. One of our moms just posted that her daughter unexpectedly passed away today. Her daughter was a twin. This is the third child on our trach board who has passed away within the last 6 months. I never met this mom or her daughter, yet I sit here tonight feeling such profound sadness. It's a reminder of how fragile our children really are. Life is fragile all the way around . . . but for our kids who rely on medical technology/intervention to keep them alive, the line between life and death is so very fine. We work so hard to create the appearance of normalcy; we make things look easy and under control. The fact is, there is nothing normal, easy or within our control when it comes to caring for a medically fragile child. I realize there is nothing easy about being the parent of any child. This isn’t about “my life sucks more than yours”. It’s just about being sad over the loss of a child that hits way too close to home. Hug your children, appreciate life and remember that none of us is guaranteed tomorrow.


Melisande said...

I second that!

kristy said...

My heart aches for that family and every one else on the trach board.

julie worthington said...

Have nothing to add to your very true words, Ann. My heart aches - our children are so fragile..
too many tears right now.


Anonymous said...

My heart is also so sad.


Anonymous said...

Oh Ann,

I was just sitting here in tears for that family and like you said the realization that despite the appearance of a normal life, just how fragile our children really are.

Love, Bea.

Anonymous said...

You said it so well...still, isn't that the third child now....Matty, Aaron James and now Aleah. Less than 6 months.

Carrie said...

Your words are so very true. Life is so precious. Hugs to all of you!


Anonymous said...

Although it is very sad....I guess we have to look at the positive side....there are 3 special angels now to watch over all the trach babies/kids. Something good will have to come of all this it just has to. I also believe that death might have saved these children from something awful. Who knows. I also feel even worse for the Mom's who have to read that we lost another baby.....hits WAY to close to home.
Big Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree. Also Kiley from Judy and the 4 special angels passed away recently too. Many prayers go out to all of these families.