Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Home ... just barely!

The wind-up

The throw

Eric, Peggy & Lucy (the dog)

Airline tickets to STL - $500
Visit with the eye doctor - 20 minutes
Flight delay due to snow - 5 hours
Money spent in STL airport waiting for flight - $too much
Eric's first time playing in the snow - PRICELESS


We were only the second or third Southwest flight to get out of STL and that was at 5pm. Most flights heading East were cancelled all together. We were lucky to get out. I would have been okay staying another day if I had known before I got to the airport that my flight was cancelled! Eric did very well hanging out in the airport most of the day. Note to self: do not schedule doctor's appointments in STL in the month of February!

Hey "ME" .... you can come stay with me anytime!


kristy said...

Glad you are both home safe and sound! The airport must have been quite the adventure yesterday! Stay warm!

julie worthington said...

Glad Eric enjoyed his visit to the airport!lol. Sorry you had such a long delay, that sucks. But very glad to see that all went well with Eric's appointment. Those snow pics are fantastic!

Love Julie

Melisande said...

Cute!! I bet Eric will remember this trip with his mother!

Cindy said...

Kids just love snow, silly kids, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you put it when you list the steps taken to get to St. Louis to then get the the Priceless part. Kids don't feel as cold when they're busy playing. I'm glad Eric got to have fun in the snow.