Sunday, March 30, 2008


Today, I got up early and did my 2 hour hike. Other than that, I've been a complete bum today and have done absolutely nothing productive. Kristi didn't work today, so there went my excuse for going into the office. I spent a good part of the day laying in Jack's bed napping while he and Eric watched Sponge Bob DVDs all day. It's now 10pm and I've got mountains of laundry calling my name. I did have a fun weekend spending time with my nieces, Bridget and Kelsey, who were visiting from New Jersey. Bridget attends Rutgers and Kelsey was out here looking at colleges for next year. If things go according to plan, their mom -- my sister, Maureen (and her husband), will be moving back home in a few short months. I'm so happy about that!

Here are some pictures of the girls I took this weekend.

Kelsey, Mary & Bridget

Eric has become a mini-Hilary and is spending all his spare time drawing. These kids clearly take after their father because I can't even draw a decent stick person. In these pictures, Eric is drawing caricatures from some Nintendo game-guide book. He is also really into drawing Sponge Bob and all his cohorts.

I don't think I have anything on the calendar this week, so I'm hoping for a quiet and uneventful week. Wishing you the same.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of the girls! Boy, Maureen's 2 sure look alot alike-almost twinlike.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the girls and Eric. The video of Jack using his new system was beautiful. It made me cry! I hope it opens up a whole new world for him.

julie w said...

You and your sister sure make beautiful children, those girls are gorgeous, to say nothing of your boys!
Wishing us all an uneventful week, I could certainly do with one!