Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's A Good Thing I'm Not ...

the sensitive type. Several times every day, I get to hear this:

"I don't like you, you're mean"

"I want a new mom"

"If I had a wish, I would wish for a new mom ... one who lets me do whatever I want"

"I don't want you to be my mom"

"Dad lets me do whatever I want"

"I wish you weren't my mom"

I know that this is very typical, but it's a first for me. Before I had Eric, people always told me how easy I have it with my kids and that I was so lucky because my kids were so easy. "Easy" when it comes to Jack is debatable, but he certainly isn't a disciplinary problem and he always talks nice to me.

Then I had Eric. It's a good thing he not only wasn't my first, it's probably helpful that Jack came into my life before I had him. I really do chuckle to myself when Eric gets his attitude because I truly can appreciate his strong opinions and ability to articulate them. Fact is, he is his mother's son. I just wish he'd cut me a little slack every once in a while. Eric is also really good at playing the "sibling of a child with special needs" card. He likes to tell people that "you have to be sick to get anything around here", or the other day he told me "Jack gets this much" (and he draws a picture of a big box) and "I only get this much" (he draws a picture of a little box). Seriously, people .... this kid does not want for time, attention or stuff. I'm just amazed at how early he's figured out how to "play the game". But, you gotta love him. He's smart, he witty, he's hilarious and he makes me laugh. I love him to bunches, even if he wants a new mom.

Mr. "tude"

Mr. Attitude celebrates his 6th birthday next week. He's so excited because finally "his needs" will be met. I'm guessing he'll be okay with me being his mom long enough to go shopping for presents.

Have a great day and remember .... "smile and the world smiles with you".


julie w said...

Well, Ann, maybe Eric will be a model teenager?? It does make me laugh when you write about some of his antics - he's gonna go far!


Cindy said...

I'm sorry Ann, but I have to laugh too! What a little bugger;-) I think it's the name...

Melisande said...

Gotta love a kid with spunk, just like his Mama!

Anonymous said...

He sounds like a little toot for sure.
I wish you well with that. ;)
I think you will need it.

Anonymous said...

What a funny little monkey! I love it! Continue to enjoy him. We certainly will as you share his personality with us!

Hugs to Jack for a healthy week.