Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just Keep Swimming

Jack is not much better, but he's not worse either. So, we'll just keep swimming . . . with a smile on our face.

(a lame update I know, but I'm tired of hearing myself whine!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,

Sorry haven't posted earlier but haven't been online for a few days. I'm so sorry to hear how Jack's been unwell and how you have been feeling.I so understand your post on how it takes so little to drain you now. I am always thinking that after six years it should become easier and easier to cope when Katie gets sick but it is actually the opposite. Sometimes from the first sign that she is getting sick I feel completely exhausted and drained,i think it is the thought of whats to come.
Please know that there people out here that so get what you are feeling and are with youthrough this. Sending you hugs, strengh and huge get well vibes for Jack.

take care,


Bea xxxx

Melisande said...

Whine, schmine...we love it!!

Anonymous said...

I hope Jack is doing better soon. Poor sweet boy. Nathan loves "Nemo" so we like your update just fine!