Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Celebrations

Today we celebrated all the March birthdays in my family - which included Eric, Mary and my nephew, Steven. Everyone came over to our house for the party. Tomorrow, they all get to come over again for Easter dinner! We didn't combine the two events because there were people who could come today, but who can't come Easter Sunday. Besides, we like to party around here.

Jack is doing better. He's off oxygen, but I'm still suctioning a lot of blood - which is always worrisome. I'm hoping if he does have an infection, the Cipro will take care of it. It would be helpful, however, if I had enough Cipro to complete the entire 10 day course. Stupid me knocked over the bottle this morning and lost several doses all over the bathroom countertop. I called the pharmacy and they said that Jack's doctor has to call in a refill and, even then, there is a possibility that insurance won't cover it. I'm not going to pay out of pocket for the stuff because it's expensive. We'll see what happens on Monday. Still swimming .........

This morning I caught Mary and Eric entertaining Jack as they danced to the music on the radio.

More pics from today:

The girls watching a "chick flick" in Jack's room

The birthday kids

After everyone left tonight, I sat down on the stairs to rest for a minute and Eric joined me. I told him I was so happy that he was sitting with me, especially since he doesn't like me. He told me "I DO like you ... when I tell you I don't like you, I'm usually just kidding". Well, it's good to know that most the time he's just kidding!




Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you! I love the video and pictures. Glad Jack is off the oxygen. I hope the antibiotics kick the infection and stop the bleeding. Give him a big hug from us!
Love, Kristy

Melisande said...

Happy Easter!!! This week is my birthday too, so I'm partial to those March birthday kids anyway!! :)

julie w said...

Happy Easter to you all. Glad Jack has managed to ditch the O2. Hope you can get some rest now. Sending lots of love across the pond.


Sarah said...

Happy Easter! Glad to hear Jack is starting to feel better! Tell Eric I will see him bright and early tomorrow morning. :)
Miss Herbert

Katie said...

Happy birthday to everyone, and happy Easter! :)

Robert and Kate

Anonymous said...

I met you thru the DeMellos blog. I have so much admiration and respect for the parents of medically fragile children. You are in our prayers. Keep up the fight!

Anonymous said...

p.s. I love your sense of humor given the obstacles you face!