Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday Update

I wish there was something to update on. We had a perfectly boring and pleasant weekend. Jack is feeling great - I can always tell when he is feeling good because his heart rate is in the 70s when he is awake, which means he is feeling really relaxed. When he is sick or not feeling his best, his heart rate is above 100 when he is awake. We had a beautiful weekend weather-wise. The kids and I went for a long walk and then we all went out to dinner on Saturday night. We are experiencing what I call our "why we live here weather". My friend sent me a picture of her Saturday morning in the Boston area:

On the other hand, we enjoyed warm weather and blue skies.

As I've shared in the past, sometimes I feel like blogging on our every day, mundane life is silly and that maybe I should end this whole blogging thing. But today, I was reminded why I do this. I received two emails from moms who live in opposite ends of the country. What these very special moms shared with me is that when they read Jack's blog, they feel like I am writing their story and that it helps them to know that they are not alone. It is both humbling and deeply moving to me that so many people can relate to my words. Before I had Jack, I would never have guessed that I could write in a way that would catch people's interest. Afterall, I was a Biology major in college and I spent my days studying the Krebs cycle and chemical equations. Who knew I could write?

I don't share this to pat myself on the back, but to say "thank you" to all who read, who care, who leave comments of encouragement and to those who share their own stories with me. To quote Helen Keller .... "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much". I am thankful for the opportunity to make a small difference ... together ... with all of you.


Rachel Marini said...

Your writing really is amazing. I am so glad to have found Jack's blog and to share - somewhat - this similar journey with you!


julie w said...

Ann - I love the way you write Jack's blog too, I just love to pay a visit. I'm jealous though - I want blue skies and sunshine too! We got some sun here, but it's bl**dy freezing!

Cindy said...

Please do not stop writing, in fact, write more! There is a book in you that needs to be written. You have the gift of being able to put feelings into words for all of us. This is helpful to parents like us, but also, "typical" families need to hear our stories as well, in order to have at least a vague understanding of what it's like for families of children with special needs. Not only the heartaches and joy, but also the unnecessary obstacles we face on a daily basis that are often even more challenging than caring for our kids; health care, special education, equipment vendors, to name just a few. Understanding is the first step in bringing about positive change in our society.

It was well into the 40's today and it felt down right balmy! Spring is in the air;-)

Melisande said...

Yeah, it was 50 degrees here today and we call that balmy!

Of course, I am a fan for all times!