Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Week in Pictures

Since the weather has been so great, I've tried to get Jack out as much as possible this week. We live within walking distance from almost any store or restaurant you can think of. Since I was home earlier than usual on Thursday - Mary, Eric, Jack and I walked to Applebees for dinner.

Friday night, my friends from Denver -- Whitney, Steve and their boys, Aiden and Alex were in town and stopped by for a visit. Alex (the little guy on your far right) used to have a trach and Whitney and I met on the message board. Whitney and I usually see each other at least once a year, but this was the first time I'd met the boys. They were both very cute! Although, in the picture, Aiden isn't so sure about being in Jack's bed.

Saturday morning serious soccer pose.

Michelle and her daughter Sara. Michelle has been cutting Jack's hair since we moved home almost six year ago. It's been a Godsend because she comes to the house, which has made life so much easier on me. Unfortunately for us, but good for Michelle, her husband recently got a job in Washington DC, so Michelle will be moving away. She did give me the name of her good friend who said she would come out to the house to cut Jack's hair. Thanks Michelle for taking such good care of Jack these last six years -- we'll miss you!

We went out for a walk this evening and had a little photo shoot by this great water feature in our neighborhood. (more pictures to come later this week ... I did a photo shoot of Eric for his 6th birthday).

Have a great week and for all my friends in the Midwest, Canada and the Eastern states- sorry about all that snow. Stay warm and hopefully Spring will spring on in very soon!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I'm sure Jack loves getting out to explore the neighborhood. It's always fun to see the trach board kids together. Have a great week!

julie w said...

Lovely pictures Ann! and great that you got to meet up with Whitney and her boys. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What great pictures. I really am jealous. :)

I love the pics of the boys on the bed together.


Melisande said...

Beautiful pics, Ann!

Anne said...

We can walk to Applebees too!!