Saturday, October 11, 2008

Heading Home

The girls made it home safe and sound this evening. I sure wish we could put Jack on a plane and be home in three hours. Or, better yet . . . get myself a pair of ruby shoes, tap my heels together and simply recite "there's no place like home" and poof, there we would be.

This last week has caught up with me. I feel like #*$@. Between the tooth ache I've had since Wednesday, the back ache from all the lifting of Jack and just lack of sleep, I'm ready for a vacation from this vacation (and a trip to the dentist). Bleh!

Thankfully, Jack has tolerated the trip well. Eric has also really enjoyed himself. Peggy has a huge, wooded yard and Eric has captured (and lost) a lot of bugs this week. There are a few ladybugs and a caterpillar roaming around Peg's house somewhere!

We'll be heading out bright and early tomorrow morning. Thanks much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Jack and his fellow trach friends (Nathan and Donovan)

Fellow Trach Moms (me, Melisande and Kristy)


julie w said...

I'm glad the girls are home and hope you have a safe trip. Love the photos of you with Melisande and Kristy, it's great to meet up!

Anne said...

Hope you had a good travel day today. Looks like you had fun with the girls on Friday-lucky you!

Susan said...

I'm a little jealous about your meeting. Glad you got to do it.