Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just Another Weekend

Nothing much to write home about. Just another relatively quiet and uneventful weekend. Jack is feeling much better. He's requiring more breathing treatments and use of the Vest/Cough Assist, but he's definitely turned the corner and should be back to par soon. I think going without humidity so much while we were in St. Louis just caught up with him. Plus, it's not unusual to come down with something following any invasive procedure like a bronch.

That's about all I've got for now. Here are some pictures from this weekend.

Mary at her Irish dance competition today.

If you want to check out Mary's Irish dancing - click on the link below to see a video of a team competition from last year (which, incidentally I was not supposed to be videotaping but didn't know that until after the fact). Don't ask me which one in the group is Mary because with their wigs on, they all look the same.

Irish Dancing - Ceile

The story behind this picture ~~

Mark bought donuts Saturday morning and after finishing one donut, Eric really wanted a second but he was too full. So as to be sure no one ate the donut he wanted and intended to eat later, he made the sign and put it next to his donut. Too funny!

Another Eric funny. Mark told me that last week after picking Eric up from school, he and Eric exchanged the following words:

Mark: How was school today?

Eric: Why don't you just call me "Mr. What's It To You?"


julie w said...

Glad Jack is on the mend, that's good news. Mary looks beautiful, as ever. I love the donut - that sign would be totally ignored in our house though!! are you sure Eric is only a kid, he talks like he's about 40!!! hehe

Anonymous said...

Eric is so so funny. His "isms" are the greatest!