Sunday, October 05, 2008

We Made It

Just wanted to let everyone know we arrived safely in St. Louis. Phew! Jack did great and Eric did awesome on the drive. We are all so happy to see Peg again - she is so good to us. It takes a very special person to allow a family of 6, plus a truckload of medical equipment to invade your home for a week. We are so thankful for Peggy and her husband for always opening up their home to us.

Tomorrow should be a relatively relaxing day. Jack and Eric will hang out with Peggy, Mark has to pick up the girls at the airport around noon and I'm heading down to Children's to have lunch with Jack's neurologist.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers as we traveled across country.


Cindy said...

Glad to year you had a safe trip Ann, {{{HUGS}}} to Peggy.

Rachel Marini said...

Glad you make it okay.... that is wonderful. That's no small feat. Have a good week, i'll be thinking of you.
Love, Rachel

Anne said...

Whew, what a long couple days for you. So glad that you made it there safe and sound. Enjoy your time with Peggy!!

Anonymous said...

Hey - Let me know when the girls get there. I gave Hilary her birthday card this morning before they left and just read your birthday blog for her and started to cry!! Maureen

Dana said...

Hope all appointments go well. Jack looked comfortable in the car despite the long drive. You can tell you've done this before and you know what your doing. Good luck!