Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas Cards

I received my first Christmas card in the mail this week (Cheryl you win :-) I'm so inconsistent with the whole Christmas card thing. For years I would draft a Christmas letter and throw in a picture of the kids. I know how much you all hate Christmas letters, but mine were very entertaining . . . I swear! (at least that's what people told me.) The Christmas letters dropped off after I started blogging because many of the people I'd typically send cards to already knew the scoop for the year because they've been keeping up with the blog. The last few years, I've created my own Christmas card using a picture of the kids. Last year's card was the beach picture you see on the blog. It's almost impossible to top last year's picture, so this year I'm not coming up with any ideas for a Christmas card. I've got no news to share that I haven't already shared here and I don't have a particularly good picture of the kids. Somehow I doubt that anyone will miss getting a card from me, but there's just so much (self imposed) pressure to send out cards.

I'm still thinking on it.

Here's a thought? I could go to Target, buy a few boxes of cards, sign our names and mail them out. Simple.

Too boring.

Have you sent out your cards yet?


Anonymous said...

I spend all year trying to get one shot of the three kids together.

The picture that goes out shows them smiling at each other, but I always thought it would be funny to send out a collage of the pics that didn't make the climbing all over each other, pulling hair, making faces etc. as you try and get that one shot that gives the illusion of peace and harmony amongst the sibs.

xoxo christina

Anonymous said...

I made up my own rule. I don't send cards out when we travel to Illinois for Christmas. I also don't put up a tree. We are traveling this year, so I am off the hook. I don't think it is so bad to take a year off.


Julie w said...

Well I did buy some cards.....

I only ever buy charity cards, and I am guilty of doing the round robin letter with pics of the kids, just haven't thought about it yet this year.

James decorated the tree today, he made a really good job.

3boys4tre said...

I designed the cards and have yet to print them. I was figuring that a blog card would be cheaper and just as fun. But then again, I'm honestly just really tired and a procrastinator. I guess I'll do them to day, thanks for the push!

Anne said...

If you count getting photo cards made by Shutterfly and shoving them in an envelope that have printed address labels on them as doing my Christmas cards, then yes, mine are done and in the mail! No note, no personal touch. I've decided it's get that or nothing. I just can't handle the pressure of cards anymore!

Karen said...

Hi Ann,
Long time, no comment! If you want my input (which of course you do!) I think you should have Eric write a Christmas letter for your family. No doubt, we'd all be entertained. :) Hope you are well...

Faith said...

You had to remind us, didn't you? J/K. Today we actually attempted to take our cheesy family Christmas photo (dogs and all)
and all hell broke lose. We're trying again tomorrow (except this time everyone involved is required to take an ativan)so we'll see how that goes. I have zero desire to do the whole Christmas card thing this year but feel obligated to carry out this painstaking holiday tradition. One of these years I'm going to send a card that just says..."learning to let go...." I think people might enoy that more anyways. :)I know we would.

Hope yours turns out merry.

PS: Hey you could always use the elves!

PSS: I agree with Karen, I'd LOVE to read a letter written by Eric. :)

Cindy said...

Diddo on what Anne said, "If you count getting photo cards made by Shutterfly and shoving them in an envelope that have printed address labels on them as doing my Christmas cards, then yes, mine are done and in the mail!"
That's exactly what I did, well except I used Snapfish. I do try to get a nice photo of the 3 boys together, but I usually need some help from photoshop;-) I enjoy giving and receiving photo cards.

Ann said...

Thanks for your suggestion Karen - I'll see what I can get out of Eric!

Dana said...

Nope! I went out and bought mine last night. I too don't have a wonderful picture of the family to share this year. I'm still thinking on the Christmas letter thing as well. I have big plans to get them done Friday and Sturday.