Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa Claus is Coming to Town


Jack is feeling much better and is back to his happy self. It appears to have been only a 24 hour bug/virus. Thanks for all your well wishes.

When I sat down with Eric to start writing our Christmas letter, he couldn't get beyond what we did last weekend when I asked him to tell me some of the highlights of this last year. I'm thinking it won't be a very fun project if I just end up losing it with him because he's not "getting it". Continue to stay tuned . . .

Any idea how I respond to this logic: Mark and Eric went to the Mall the other night to get his glasses adjusted and afterwards, Mark thought it was a good idea to let Eric check out the Lego Store. Eric now has a list of Lego sets he wants from Santa which total . . . oh, around ............. $1000! I told Eric that he was not going to get every Lego set on his list because it was too much money. His response "you don't have to worry about it mom, Santa is getting it, not you."

Now what?


Faith said...

Just do what everyone else is; blame it on the economy. The North Pole is also in a recession (and apparently that includes the gross domestic product of legos).

He just *might* get that.

Good luck, and glad to hear Jack is feeling better.

Jen :)

Julie W said...

Good old Santa! It's good to see that he still has a whole pot of money hehe!!
Glad Jack is feeling better, that's good news.
Good luck with Eric's 'highlights of the year' it will make interesting reading I think ;)

Anne said...

Evan has been told that Santa knows how many Lego sets he already has and that he just may decide for himself what Evan should get this year! Like Eric, that's pretty much all he has on his list.

Rachel Marini said...

Adorable video! Your kids are great.

Susan said...

Oh good! I'm glad Jack's better.

I keep telling my kids that Santa brings a few things from their list(Plus stocking stuffers), not the entire list. They seem to have accepted that. If every child got every toy they asked for how would there be room enough in the sleigh?

Melisande said...

Eric is just too much!