Thursday, December 18, 2008

End of Week Bulletin

It's been a typical "week before Christmas" kind of week, although it's not been too bad for me because Mark has the week off and he's been doing most the shopping for the kids while they are in school. As of today, the kids are officially on "Winter Break". Eric is soooo happy about that! Mary finished her last final today at noon and she didn't waste any time packing her bag to leave and spend a day (or two) at my sister's house with her cousin. We just might see her back here by Christmas Eve (if she's smart). Eric is driving us crazy with the countdown to Christmas every day, but I'm trying hard to see Christmas through his eyes and enjoy it. It won't be long before he's packing his bags and leaving for college (or the rain forest).

Hilary is dealing with a malfunctioning cochlear implant. She was complaining for several days about hearing an annoying sound that keeps coming in waves and won't stop . . .and this is with the external ear piece of her implant off. I couldn't get how she could hear anything without the microphone on or the device hooked up (more on cochlear implants here). It was bothering her so much, I had to give her something to help her sleep. Hilary saw the audiologist this week and she thinks one of the electrodes may be continually firing and that this is causing the "sound" she hears. We were told it feels much like a toothache. The audiologist turned down the sensitivity of the particular electrode (there are 22 electrodes in Hilary's model of implant) and it seems to have helped some. Although, Hilary says the sound still comes and goes. She has an appointment with a representative from Cochlear Corp the first week in January to have some more testing done. To be honest, I'm kind of hoping the device is failing (it's 13 years old) so that Hilary can get a new one while she is still on our health insurance. Granted, it would involve surgery, but the technology is so much better today than it was when Hilary got her implant. It would really be a good thing if she is able to upgrade the internal device (except for the surgery part). Stay tuned . . .

Jack had a "well check" with his pediatrician this week. Jack rarely gets to see our pediatrician because he is never sick, so I make sure and get him in at least once a year for good measure. It's mostly an opportunity for me to update our pediatrician, especially after all of our STL doctor visits. Jack got a clean bill of health and if all goes well, we won't need to return for another year.

This weekend looks to be busy and fun-filled. I have my firm Christmas party on Friday and I'm taking my sisters as my "dates". (With no night nursing, it's not possible for Mark to go with me.) On Saturday, we're going to try and take the kids to see Polar Express at the IMAX and I'm hoping to get the cousins together to decorate cookies on Sunday.

May you all have a fun-filled and joyful weekend. Enjoy the season and remember the reason.



Julie w said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Ann. I hope Mary gets home before all the gifts are opened, and that Hilary can get the new implant, even though it means surgery. Glad to hear that Jack is doing so well. Ours still have today in school so the fun doesn't start here till tomorrow. Enjoy your christmas night out.
Lots of love
Julie x

Anonymous said...

I hope Hilary's implant complications are an easy fix. It is no fun to have surgery, but I'm sure she's all for it of it means the uncomfortable "sound" goes away. May you have a wonderful, family-filled, healthy Christmas!

Rachel Marini said...

Thanks for the update! Happy to hear Jack is doing so well and we are hoping Hilary's implant gets taken care of. I can only imagine how irritating that must be. (Do you ever think if Jack finds a tube in his trachea annoying? I wonder that about Gabe...) We received your Christmas card today-Thank you!!! We're not doing cards this year :( I feel guilty for some reason, but anyhow, if we were, your family would be at the top of our list!
Enjoy these last few days leading up to Christmas, Ann!

Cindy said...

Send my sympathies to Hilary, that must be really tough. A new implant would be good, but more surgery, that stinks:-(