Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy Monday

It's December 1st ... Christmas is in the air! I love this time of year. I try not to get too stressed out over the gift buying part of the season. Not an easy thing to do with four kids, one of whom thinks Santa will bring him whatever is on his list, two who think their lists are perfectly reasonable, so why shouldn't they get everything they are asking for, and one who . . . well, he's the easy one - he doesn't have a list.

We had a quiet Thanksgiving weekend. I usually don't go near a mall the weekend after Thanksgiving as I can't handle the traffic/parking insanity of it all. I just enjoyed the extra days of sleeping in and relaxing around the house. Not much going on here, everyone is staying healthy ... so far. I know the flu is going around, but hopefully it will bypass our house. (You think we will be so lucky?) Life right now is incredibly uneventful and boring - which is all good, but it does make for very uninteresting blog entries!

May you all have a productive and peaceful week.


The Three Amigas

Enjoying the Thanksgiving feast

Santa Claus is coming to town ;-)

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Marissa said...

Cool beard Eric!