Wednesday, December 24, 2008

When a Child Is Born

On this Christmas Eve, I share with you Il Divo singing “When A Child Is Born”. I am moved to tears every time I hear this song. The words talk to my heart and have so much meaning, not only as they apply to the birth of Jesus, but to the birth of all of our children. The hope, silent wishes and winds of change each and every one of our children brings to our lives. Powerful stuff. And the emotions are even more intense when I think of Jack and all the children who face the incredible challenges life has bestowed upon them with such joy and grace. For it is only because of hope and silent wishes that I am able to survive the winds of change Jack has brought to my life.

May you all have a blessed Christmas filled with the Hope of good things to come in the New Year.


I encourage you to close your eyes as you listen to the song because the video really adds nothing to the song - it’s just the only video I could find of Il Divo singing the song.


Julie w said...

Flippin eck! I've heard that a million times, but when I plugged in my headphones and closed my eyes it was brilliant. Thanks so much! Hope you all have a happy and healthy christmas.

Melisande said...

Merry Christmas, Ann! To you and yours!!

Anonymous said...

That was lovely Ann. Although I couldn't close my eyes, those boys are too cute.