Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cure CMD

Posted at the request of Cure CMD

Cure CMD is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 advocacy group launched in summer 2008 by 3 parents whose children have CMD. Cure CMD’s mission is to target research dollars to accelerate the fight towards finding therapies and one day a cure. Each donation to support Cure CMD’s efforts is tax deductible.

You can help support Cure CMD today by:

  • Join Cure CMD on facebook as a cause. Get 10 friends to join you. We want to build a cause community of 5,000 by December.
  • Place Cure CMD on your facebook page as a profile.
  • Use Good Search to do internet searches. Go to, choose Cure CMD in charity box. Each internet search gives Cure CMD a penny.
  • Be a benefactor for the CMD Family conference in August, $10 donation through Cure CMD website (check or paypal).
  • Go to to read our stories

Your support will allow Cure CMD to reach its 2009 goasl:

  1. a CMD international patient registry
  2. the first Cure CMD research grant for 50K
  3. partial funding for first scientific CMD conference, “Therapeutic Targets in the CMDs”, Emory, July 2009
  4. funding for CMD Family and Affected Person conference, August 2009, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The conference focus is on advocacy, networking and scientific discoveries to may slow disease progression. This conference presents the first opportunity for many child and adults with CMD to meet someone else with the disease.

To help us fund the CMD Family and Affected Person conference:

  1. Send us 2-3 vendors that you can contact for funding in your area. A vendor how-to packet has been put together to make this easy for you. Vendors have been very responsive as they are looking for cost effective ways to expand their market in down economy.
  2. Contact friends and family. Be a benefactor ($10 with mention in conference brochure) or sponsor an individual at the conference ($100).

If you have questions or would like a benefactor form and/or vendor packet, contact Trish and Lucinda at

Thank you for your support,

The Cure CMD team

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