Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Presenting . . .


The kids in Eric's class are giving presentations this week on an animal of their choice. For reasons known only to Eric, he chose the "poison dart frog". I was able to go watch him present today and get it on video. I thought he did really well, although he gets quiet towards the end, so he is hard to understand.

He looks so grown up!

and, would you believe that one of the kids in his class showed up with her dad and his computer and did a power point presentation. This is FIRST GRADE PEOPLE! A power point presentation in First Grade . . . ridiculous!


Anonymous said...

I just got around to the Lessons Learned article. Wouldn't it be nice if all medical providers were so compassionate? You and I have never met, but are kindred spirits. Keep up the good work. And, seriously, power point in 1st grade? My kids are in 2nd and Kindergarten- I can't imagine.

Cindy said...

Video, whooohooo! Awesome. 20,000 mice, WOW! You learn something new every day:-)

worthy said...

phew, that's a lot of mice! Power point?? you're joking!!!
Eric did great, thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...


Susan said...

Wow Ann, I'm pretty amazed at his display and notecards. 1st grade? Is he in private school?

I have to say that what struck me is how much he looks like Jack in some of those photos. Eric is really getting big.

You must be so proud. He really did great!