Monday, March 23, 2009

Ortho Appointment

We saw the orthopaedic doctor, got an x-ray and found out that there is no fracture and no issue with the hardware in Jack's pelvic bone (see picture below to see the huge anchor screws in Jack's pelvis that scare the crap outta me). While it's good there is no obvious issue, it still leaves us with "why is he crying when we move him". The ortho thinks he may have some inflammation in his hip joint, called synovitis. I use the term "hip joint" loosely because the hip that hurts is completely dislocated. It's been dislocated for years, a consequence of Jack's disease. Because Jack won't ever walk, there is no need to fix the dislocated hip. The Rx is Motrin. If it's not better in a few months, we'll investigate further. Jack tolerated everything well, the only part he didn't particularly like was when the ortho twisted his hip (ouch!) So, we wait, watch, and give him Motrin.

It's always scary seeing Jack's x-rays. His hips/legs don't even look human they are so messed up. Bleh .... just another reminder of what his damn disease is doing to his body. Below is a picture of an x-ray taken after Jack's spinal fusion surgery. I've shown where his dislocated hip is (you can't really see anything, just a black space) and you can also see what I mean when I say his bones are the size of a pencil (see femur bone).

The kids are back to school tomorrow after a two week Spring Break. I enjoy their Spring Break as much as they do. Now, it's back to the morning madness and homework struggle with Eric. Oh well, I guess all good things must come to an end.

Thanks for checking in on Jack!


Christy said...

Geez, Ann. They scare me, too. Some things are just not fair. I sure hope the Motrin helps.

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing the xrays, it's like I'm right back there in phx with you guys. (yes, Im a nerd) Hope his hep feels better soon

Vicki said...

Oh man, I'm thinking about how much that must hurt. Hope the Motrin calms the pain quickly.

The Marangella Family said...

Synovitis?! Max had several ER runs for that a few years back. I remember how he cried and cried and refused to walk, imagine Max refusing to move?

Poor Jack! Sometimes I don't know if I should be relieved when the doctor finds nothing or if I should worry more becasue the doctor finds nothing :)!

A big hug!

worthy said...

Glad there's no fracture, poor Jack. Hope the motrin helps. The x-ray is scary.

Marissa said...

I am thankful there are no breaks, but poor Jack for still being in pain. I hope that subsides soon.


Rachel Marini said...

I'm so sorry Jack is in this pain. Even more sorry they can't tell you why yet.
Those x-rays, wow. Jack is so strong though everything he's been through. As are you. Praying nothing big arises and his pain subsides.

Susan said...

That is a difficult x-ray to read. Not that I'm good at it anyway. Jack has been through so much I hate to think of him being in pain and the doctors being unable to do much to help. I hope that the Motrin helps but if not can they give him something stronger? Maybe at least for right before the times when you have to move him? Hugs to the guy.