Thursday, March 05, 2009

Need Your Vote

I've entered the above picture in a blog contest. If my picture gets the most votes, I will win an 11x14 painting of the picture which will be done by the blog author, Doni (who does amazing work with painting of pictures).

Please take a minute and vote for picture #1 in the comment section here:

Vote Here

The Blog author has to approve the comment for it to show up. She is not approving comments (votes) for first time commenters (which includes me) until Monday, when she announces the winner. So don't worry if you don't see your vote -- it is there.

Thank you SO much!


worthy said...

job done! ;)

Marissa said...

Definitely voting for yours, I LOVE that picture!


lesleegp said...

I voted! And asked everyone on my facebook to as well!

Sarah said...

Love that picture! Always have. I was pretty surprised with some of the entries.....Does he get a bunch of entries and then whittle them down to the final ones to vote for?

Melisande said...

I voted!

Anonymous said...

How could you not win? By far the best....


Anonymous said...

hi, i'm not sure how i found your blog - but i'm amazed by your family. what a terrific bunch of kids you have.

i voted :) even if you didn't ask, i thought your picture was worlds better than the others.

thanks for sharing your family.

(special educator)
long island, ny

Marcie said...

I've always loved that picture! I voted and so did allison. I hope you win!!