Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Past

I had fun going through our pictures from Christmases past. Thought I'd share those from the year Jack was born through 2005. I hope to get a 2006 picture soon. I'm not sure why one year I only have a picture of Jack and not the girls.

(p.s. if you need a few minutes of some downtime - click on the link to the dash movie I recently added to my links. It's very relaxing. But if you are an impatient person ... it might move a bit too slow for you (a few people come to mind ;-)


julie worthington said...

What lovely pictures of your beautiful family Ann. The first picture, where Jack is really tiny, he looks just like Sam did when he was a baby - incredibly cute!

Thanks for sharing.

Love Julie

Anonymous said...

You're not implying that I'm impatient are you Ann?? :)

Love the pictures!!


Pat Killen said...

I LOVE the pictures! My absolute favorite is last years.
Merry Christmas and may 2007 be happy,HEALTHY and boring!
Pat and Chuck

Melisande said...

Beautiful children! Isn't it amazing how they grow and change and become their own little person? You have a wonderful family.