Friday, December 08, 2006

Moving Forward Cautiously

I'm acutely aware that there are a few of you out there who may think I'm wrong for not following the recommendations of the St. Louis ortho - the guy who actually performed the surgery. Trust me, the decision to get Jack out of bed two months ahead of schedule isn't made without apprehension. Yet, sometimes common sense has to come into play and the textbook has to be thrown out the window. The golden rule of parenting is "go with your gut" and my gut says it's time to move forward. I'm so in tune to Jack, I practically breathe every breath right along with him and I truly believe that the benefits of staying in bed another two months (if any) don't outweigh the complications we are running into with pressure sores and contractures. The only thing we will do ahead of schedule is get Jack up in his wheelchair. We won't be putting him in the sling for the lift system or moving him all about. He will still be spending the majority of the time in bed. In general, I'm a high compliance person (really, I am :-) Therefore, to do something that is contrary to what is recommended is difficult for me because if I'm wrong, well ... I'll be wrong in a big way. We are moving forward very cautiously.

I'm not sure who this entry is directed to ... perhaps only me as I try and justify my decision to myself. When it comes to Jack, decisions are never easy. Stay tuned ............


Anonymous said...


You don't need to justify your reasons. No one in their right mind would think you are not making the right decision for Jack. It is time for Jack to get out of bed!

Lots of hugs, Sandra

Pat Killen said...

Don't second guess know what is best and you need to "go with your gut" are the best Mom, advocate and caregiver Jack could ever have!


Kari said...

If you had any lingering doubts, I think Jack's smile tells you all you need to know. Merry Christmas, Schrooten-Clan! How absolutely splendid that Jack'll get to join in the fun, too!

I think, that's probably MY best present this year, Ann. Ah jes' LOVE to see my man Jack vertical at last!

Kathy Hawley said...

Doesn't he look gorgeous? Thanks for posting the pictures. Enjoy getting ready for the holidays. Just go with your gut, seems like thats working out.
Love to all,

Kristy said...

You did the right thing for your child and no one can make those decisions any better than you! Jack is happy, you are happy. A win-win if you ask me! Keep up the good work and know we are praying for Jack all the time!

Anonymous said...

Ann, I'm with you on the "gut instinct". My daughter is 7 months old (I'm from the trach board). Her Drs wanted her feeds to be increased 1cc per week. She was slowly losing weight, half a lb since Oct 30. I dumped the Drs recommendations and just started feeding her! She gained 1lb 4 ozs in a week. I did talk to her nutritionist today and told her what I'd done, and she gave me kudos but is sending us to the Dr for bloodwork to check her electrolytes and such.

Jack is lucky to have such a mom.