Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Christmas to Remember

We've had a week of sharing memories, laughter, good times and ..... the FLU! Yep, the flu bug in spreading through my house like wildfire right now. So far, four of us have been "hit" -- including me, the one who "never" gets sick. Ugh! I was out of commission for 24 hours, but am fine today. Hopefully those in my family who have to travel back home on Tuesday get it asap or not at all as I can't imagine flying and being this sick. Jack is quarantined in his bedroom to keep him "safe". Oh well, I think for the most part everyone is having a good time.

Happy New Year to you all!


julie worthington said...


Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Whose caring for Jack while you are indisposed?
Hope you all have a good new year.

Love Julie

Anonymous said...


Happy New Year! I pray that the new year brings a lot of good things to you and yours!

Love, Sandra