Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Oh Happy Day!!

Today ranks as one of the BEST days of the year! We saw the local ortho and he told us to "can" the body jacket. He said it's time to get back to a normal life. Jack's x-ray looked great, all the hardware is in its place. He also looked at the pressure sore and he said it didn't look that bad - yet ... but, that was another reason to get Jack up and moving around. I feel like I just got a "get out of jail" card. I really like this ortho, he has the most refreshing personality. I've decided not to even ask permission from the St. Louis ortho ... common sense says it's time to get out of bed, it's been 4 months. I have to admit, for the first time in a very long time, I have a genuine smile on my face. As you can see from the pictures, Jack was happy to be up in his chair and he is very tall and straight now. He did get really tired after about an hour and 1/2 in the chair. We have to take it slow, but by the time Christmas rolls around he should be tolerating his chair much more. We decided to retire the body jacket on his big teddy bear that he got for his birthday from one of his great supporters (like it Kari?)

Mary made her Confirmation tonight. It was a perfect way to end a perfect day ... in church, giving thanks. The picture in church is with her Godmother and sponsor, Anne Marie (who I went to college with).

Thank you for checking in. I hope I have nothing but good news to report from here on out.


Pat Killen said...

Yeah!!! What a way to start the holidays...We hope it only gets better for all of you! Jack looks great and so happy! That famous smile is awesome!
Congratulations to Mary on her Confirmation too!
Pat and Chuck

Anonymous said...

Looking Good Mr. Jack. I think all the rest has made him look even handsomer (is that a word?). I am smiling from ear to ear so I can only imagine how happy you are. You breed well Ann your kids a beautiful.
Happy Holiday's
Kris :-)

Anonymous said...


YEAH!! I am soo happy for you and Jack. I can really "hear" your relief in your post. I hope this makes your Christmas all the more special. Give that sweetie a hug for me PLEASE! Whitney

Julie Worthington said...

Jack looks so pleased to be sitting up again - and he looks like he's grown!! If laying down for 4 months makes you taller I'm gonna take to my bed for a year! hehehehe.
So glad he is finally out of that brace. Ann, you must be so relieved. Congratulations to Mary too.


Anonymous said...

Yea Jack!!!
So great to see you up and about with that big sparkly smile! What fantastic news. Your sister Mary looks beautiful too.

Karen said...

Hooray Hooray Hooray!!!!

Carrie said...

Ann ~ The pictures made me smile ear to ear, you must be beside yourself. I am so glad a light is in sight. I am so happy for all of you! What a GREAT way to start the holiday season. Jack's smile is priceless!
Tell Mary Nick said she is very pretty in her picture.
Happy Happy Holidays.
Love you LOTS

Anonymous said...

Jack looks super Ann! He is sitting up so nicely:-) Great news!!!
Congratz to Mary too!

Melisande said...