Sunday, December 10, 2006

Loving it!


Jack is doing well and is lovin’ being up in his wheelchair. He is up to 3+ hours at a time. Both times this weekend when we moved him from his chair back into bed, he cried and I thought maybe he was hurting. However, tonight I asked him if he wanted back in his wheelchair and he immediately stopped crying and got a smile on his face! I think it's much more than just being up in his chair, it's also the fact that we wheel him all around the house and outside and he really likes the change of view. Poor kid, he hates being confined to bed more than I imagined. You can really see how much taller he is and how broad his shoulders are by comparing the before and after picture. (okay, so the STL surgeon does deserve credit for doing a good job, even if he is not the most likeable guy). You can also see why his scoliosis was called a "collapsing" scoliosis. It makes me sad because it's obvious Jack would have been a good size kid and no doubt a heck of an athlete if he hadn't been born with his disease.

The last picture is of Eric wishing for "winter”?! He got out of the bathtub this morning and came downstairs with only his mittens on (thus the reason for only the waist up picture). What a crazy kid he is!

Tomorrow should be fun ... several people from Jack's school are coming over to the house to "meet" Jack. He's been a student at their school for almost 3 years and they are just now coming over to meet him. I've decided I need to be there, so I'll no sooner get to work and I'll have to turn around and leave to get to the house by noon (and then turn around and head back to work). I've yet to hear from either Hilary or Jack's school regarding the mandatory IEP meetings that are supposed to be held before December 22nd. I can't believe they are going to ignore the mandate of the Department of Education. **update: heard from both schools today ... I told them I'm not interested in compensatory services (in fact, I didn't even request compensatory services in my request for relief). The visit was good -- Jack "performed" well for all his visitors.

Have a great week!


julie worthington said...

Wow, Ann, you can definitely see the difference. I am so glad Jack likes being up and about, I'd hate being having to lay flat on my back too.

Eric is one crazy kid!

Good luck with the school visit.

((((HUGS)))) to all

Anonymous said...

Ann -

Those photos really do show the difference! I hope the wheelchair doesn't need replacing too soon because of all that new height - only because it is yet another mission to accomplish for you.

I am glad the school is moving along, and following up as ordered. Maybe the school has new staff that haven't met Jack yet :) (I'm trying to be positive for the holidays.)

- betty

Melisande said...

Jack is surely starting to look like a young man and less of a boy. He is a good looking kid!

Good for the school. They should at least have to meet the kid they aren't providing services for. Good luck!

Kari said...

Oh, Ann! WOW, does Jack look good! Good for you to have the courage to get him up into that chair; I bet it does more for his healing than anything else!

Eric! TOO funny. Yep, I've got a nudist, too...

Kristy said...

He looks so much taller in the picture--it is dramatic! I hope he continues to enjoy his "up and about" time. Eric and Nathan should hang out--Nathan is quite fond of dropping his pants at interesting times...

I'm glad the school visit went well. I'm sure Jack charmed them all! He is such a cute little boy! Take care!