Monday, December 25, 2006

Just some pics

My niece Shannon (Christmas Eve)
Eric got his bugs!
My nephew Joey with nieces Jackilyn and Jordan
My silly niece Kelsey with Mary relaxing before dinner
My sisters, Cecelia, Maureen and Joan and me
Jack, Mary and my niece Bridget
All of us watching old home movies -- good thing I have a big couch!

Eric after a long day.


Kari said...

Wow, Ann! I almost didn't recognize Eric...he looks like a teenager sprawled out like that!

LOVE the family-on-the-couch pic!

Merry Merry, Happy happy, and isn't it just the bees knees that Jack didn't have to spend that amazing gathering in his room!

Methinks, it's gonna be a good year for your bunch!

julie worthington said...

Wow, looks like everyone had a great time, I love the couch pic too.
Glad to see Eric got his bugs.
Lots of love to you all.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your lovely family!