Friday, December 01, 2006


In September I filed a complaint against our school district because over two months into the school year, they still had not sent any therapists or a teacher to our house for Jack. As a general rule, I don't get too excited about what the school district does or doesn't do because we have enough people in and out of the house providing services to Jack. However, after finding out that the failure to provide services was coming directly from the top -- the Director of Special Education -- I decided I needed to make a point. I discovered this fact from an email that was forwarded to me from the company previously contracted to provide services and which, no doubt, was not intended to get into my hands. Since I was filing a complaint, I figured I'd also add that the district was in violation of Hilary's IEP as well because they didn't commence her speech therapy until school had been in session for over a month. Today I received the findings from the Department of Education after completing its investigation:

Issue: Whether the District provided the special education and related services, in John's (that would be Jack) IEP, at the start of the 2006-2007 school year.

Finding: Based on the fact that the District delayed implementing services, it is found to be in noncompliance.

Issue: Whether the District provided speech therapy according to Hilary's IEP.

Finding: Based on the District failing to provide the services, it is found to be in noncompliance with regard to this issue.

Score! Okay, so a little humility would be a good thing here. But, you just have to know that the Director for Special Ed made the mistake of playing games with me and, what's worse -- she is a dishonest person. Anyway, I've had my say, I made my point and I'm definitely going to move on. The Department of Education is requiring that we reconvene within the next three weeks to rewrite both Jack's and Hilary's IEP to determine the level of compensatory services the school shall provide, if any. I don't want any compensatory services and the last thing I have time for is to sit through 2 IEP meetings this time of the year.

How nice to get some good news on a Friday. It sure beats the handful of EOBs from United Heathcareless that are replete with incorrectly processed claims. I just threw those in a stack and won't open them until Monday. No need to ruin my good mood. We have a lot planned this weekend ... putting our Christmas trees up and getting the house ready for family that will be coming out for Christmas (i.e. painting). Hilary needs to get pictures of "wildlife" for her photography class. I can't understand why pictures of Eric won't meet this requirement :-) Looks like we'll be dropping her off at the zoo for a few hours tomorrow so she can complete this project.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


julie worthington said...


Well done! I'll be sure to call on your expertise if I have any difficulties with Sam's education. Do you wanna come and live near me??


carrie said...

Way to go Ann! I'm glad something was able to make you smile on a Friday.

You made me laugh very hard with the Eric wildlife comment. I think that's a great idea for a picture and a great way for Hillary to think out of the box :-)

Have a happy weekend!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Ann -

Great job on the IEP stuff. I hate the "squeaky wheel" syndrome with a lot of the stuff we have to take care of!!

- betty

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!


Anonymous said...


Ahh, I am sure that lady is sorry she played around with you. Why can't they just "get" it? I hope you enjoyed your weekend :o)


Anonymous said...


YEAH!! I am sure she is sorry she messed with you. I don't understand why some people are incapable of "getting" it! I hope you had a relaxing weekend :o).


Anonymous said...

Gee, can I add some more comments??! I need that bashful smilie...

Melisande said...


Yeah, school. It just gets so tiring to me. No one does what they *should* do!!!!!!!

I guess that's why they have the federal and state laws, huh? Grrr....

Score one for Ann!