Tuesday, June 12, 2007

But, You Don't Look Tired

One of the other attorneys in my firm stopped by my office this afternoon to ask me about estate planning for her client who has a child with special needs (me being an estate planning attorney). We talked about Medicaid qualifications and long term planning and one thing lead to another and I got to talking a little bit about Jack (I rarely talk about Jack at work). At the end of our conversation, she exclaimed “but, you don’t even look tired! You should at least look tired!”

Would that not make your day? Despite the fact that most days I feel like someone beat me up … at least I don’t look tired! I practically skipped out of the office this evening. Then I walked into my house, took one look at the mess everywhere and immediately felt a hundred years old again. But, hey, I take some solace in the fact that at least I don’t look tired. Hehe!

To my friend Carrie -- my secret --> I live in Arizona . . . you live in New Jersey! (need I say more?! :-)


julie said...

It's such a great boost when someone tells you that you look good, or you've lost weight etc... I usually feel around 90 myself and people tell me after the fact 'You look nice today - you know you looked really worn out yesterday' Thanks!
Ann - you always look perfect to me. Hope I can be as amazing as you after 8 years.

Melisande said...

You do it so well, Ann!! (hugs)

kristy said...

that is the greatest comment...ever! Enjoy the compliment because you deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome compliment. You deserved to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Ya, dontcha love it? When I have outlined what a day with Allison entails-which is NOTHING compared to a child like Jack! I get these comments about how can you do it and still have a clean home or laundry done or whatever. It makes me smile and shake my head, we never know what we are capable of until someone we loves needs something out of the ordinary. Jack is so lucky youre his mom, you know what to do AND LOOK GOOD too! Deb

Anonymous said...

That is funny. I remember a few weeks after Aaron passed one of my secretary's pulled me aside and said "my goodness I feel awful I never realized how bad/tierd you looked. You look so so different now." Was not sure how to take it. But he is right Ann you do look good.....Jack's stuff aside you have 3 other children and you move at the speed of light. Take a bow :-)
Kristina :-)

Carrie said...

You are very beautiful and I am so jealous that you always look great! I have one child and am always told I look tired (assume it's everyone's way of saying I look like S**t) you have four and I know you never sleep, so what's the secret?? Do share!
Love ya!