Friday, June 29, 2007

Friends and Family


Mary's friend, Jimmy - from St. Louis, is in town visiting with us for a week. We've been keeping him busy - they've been to an Arizona Diamondback's game and today, we drove up to the Grand Canyon and got a little hiking in. Pictures are posted below.


On the way home from the Grand Canyon, we got the news that my mom was taken to the ER following the results of a CT scan she had yesterday. It appears my mom has a brain tumor. We went directly to the hospital once we got back into town (looking like a bunch of vagabonds following our day of hiking). We won't know any specifics until tomorrow when we meet with the neurosurgeon.

On the Jack front, today he had someone new care for him. As I guessed would be the case, the nursing agency did not make any effort to staff us while Kristi is out on vacation (a rant for another day). I only needed coverage for this Friday and next Friday (as Peggy is coming into town to cover the other days). Fortunately, Jack's teacher offered to watch Jack for us. She is not a nurse - she is an EMT (in addition to being a special education teacher). She is very comfortable with Jack's care -- she knows trachs, she just needed training on the vent. She did wonderfully (better than some nurses we've had) and Jack just loves her. The only "down" side is that we have to pay her out of pocket because she isn't a nurse and can't sign on with our agency. It's a small downside and I'm so glad to have a back-up person to help out with Jack.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Mary and Jimmy


They asked me to take a picture with them jumping (it's a kid thing)

Hiking in the Grand Canyon

After the hike

The Grand Canyon - an amazing sight


Melisande said...

Makes me want a vacation! The kids look great!

Hope your mom is okay. Keep us posted.

Talk to you soon. {hugs}

julie w said...

Looks like they had a great time. It's awesome that you can find the time to do this with them. glad Jack's carer worked out. Hope your mom is okay.

Love Juliex

Anonymous said...

great pictures!!
How is your mom doing?
hoping all is well.
xo christina