Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend in Pictures

Mary and Jack

Jack and his Grandpa (my dad)

Eric trying to keep up with the big kids

Jack watching the kids play

Double Trouble (Eric and Joey)

Eric using Jack's wheelchair to play the computer (it's the perfect height)

Friday was family movie night (we watched Freedom Writers -- a great movie)

That's all folks!


Anonymous said...

True, it is not as dark, and kind of fun, the contrast is not there so it is not too bright but I don't think it is as warm as some of the others you had. My vote is for the all green you had a few templates back. It does catch you eye to keep it changing though! :o)

julie said...

Love those pics! It's so great to share family time. Jack looks so pleased.

kristy said...

It looks like you had a fun weekend! I always enjoy the new pictures. You are much better about updating with pictures than I am!!

Anonymous said...

I like any template as long aas I can read it and see more great jack & Family photos! Deb

Anonymous said...

Mary, you are beautiful.
I see a gleam in Eric's eye. He looks like he keeps you busy.:)
Jack, you always look very content and happy.
Ann, you have a wonderful family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary
i was checking my yahoo email and came across your site about your son , i was touched as i read everything and saw all of the nice pictures, it takes special people to have a child such as your son,i to have a son who has myopathy actually we just found out about a two monthes ago, they though that he had cerebral palsy for the last 14 years of his life , and now they say he has myopthy their not sure what type yet wether they will ever know, who knows .. i know it is not easy but be encouraged your doing a wonderful at taking care of him , he looks happy and content with his family and that in itself speaks volumes ,my biggest support is the lord in my life and he is who gets my family and i through all of the very tough times , my sons name is Adam he is 14 and a sweetie of all sweeties to me , joyful and happy all the time even when he is sick , it shows me how God takes care of me and mine.. just thought i would write and let you know i am praying for you and yours , be encouraged we never know what good things are around the corner we have that hope.. i hope you have a most wonderful day and summer . i myself live in Canada.. and it is very hot today ..we are in where it is cooler. so God bless you Mary and your family .. oh yes name is Linda .

Melisande said...


Great shots! I especially like the one of you all together for movie night. This is what a family should be!!!