Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hair Cuts

Jack got a much needed haircut yesterday and, after Eric's last trip to SuperCuts -- Michelle kindly offered to cut Eric's hair too! We are so blessed to have Michelle come to our house to cut Jack's hair. She makes one aspect of Jack's life so much easier. Can you imagine the looks we'd get if I wheeled Jack into SuperCuts for a haircut ...

Van update: Guess what? It was a blown rear tire - but, it was the inner tire tube, so it wasn't visible from the outside. Thankfully, the repair bill was much less than we expected.

Have a great evening or a great day (depending on when you are reading this)


julie said...

Looks like Eric is a fidget when having his hair cut - just like Sam! or was he just admiring his look in the mirror. I could do with Michelle to come to my house and do everyones hair! The boys look great.xx

Melisande said...

Nice cut this time!! You're having a busy summer!!

Anonymous said...

Both boys look great. Much straighter this time. :)