Thursday, June 28, 2007

Profound Words

The following entry is taken from the website of a young man named Miles Levin. Miles is 18 years old and he is dying of cancer. Miles' story was recently featured on CNN. This is a child who is wise beyond his years. His words are very moving and worth sharing.

Another reminder to enjoy the moment.

June 26, 2007

Due to copyright go directly to Miles' CarePage Miles page: levinstory


julie w said...

Very moving, what a brave young man. Now where are my tissues?

Anonymous said...

Holy crumbs. That was very moving.
What a brave boy indeed. Very profound.

Anonymous said...

a beautiful perspective.

Janet Sartori said...

Mary is very insightful for 14 years of age. But at 14, she's seen and witnessed much more than most at their elder years through the life of her brother. It is wonderful and healing to hear her words. Love ya Mary!