Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's All About Jack

Since this is Jack's blog, I suppose you are wanting to know how HE is doing. The problem is, he is doing so well, there really is nothing to update. It's pretty much the same routine day in and day out around here and trust me, we like routine!

We have no plans to take a summer vacation this year. It will be the first summer in three years that we haven't traveled to the wonderful vacation destination known as "St. Louis Children's Hospital". It is also the first summer in two years that Jack hasn't been subjected to surgery. He is pretty darn happy about that. Kristi will be out of town the week of July 4th and since I don't want to take that week off from work and I know the nursing agency won't staff me - I convinced Peggy to fly out and watch Jack that week. Peg is quite brave coming to Phoenix in July ... average temps are 110 degrees!

Some have asked where we are in the process of getting Jack tested on the eye gaze communication device. We are still putting together the paperwork to get the evaluation approved. We'll need congressional approval and the Pope's blessing along with pre-auth from our Department of Developmental Disabilities (at least it seems that way at times.) Our private insurance has always paid for aug com evals and all of Jack's aug com equipment, however we are still required to jump through all the necessary hoops just in case it is denied and the taxpayer has to foot the bill. So right now, we wait.

Another thing I've been meaning to share is that since Jack got his new bed/mattress last April, his pressure sores have completely disappeared and he doesn't have a speck of redness on those areas of his back that protrude. So we can now check that complication off our list.

Well, that's about all there is to report - and I'm stretching it to believe this post is even remotely interesting. I'll close with a short video clip of Jack watching a short video clip of a little boy named Angus (who lives in Scotland and who also happens to have a trach). Angus is having a good ol' time throwing things on the ground and laughing and Jack is laughing right along with him.



julie said...

Ann, so glad the pressure sores are no more, that's great news. Keeping everything crossed for no probs with the communication device.

Loved Jack enjoying watching Angus!


kristy said...

How cute was that video?

I'm glad he is better with his new bed--what a relief for you and for Jack! Good news about the communication device--I hope the wheels of bureaucrasy turn quickly for you!

Kari said...

Oh how FABULOUS, watching Jack watching Angus! That was SO CUTE! Kisses, is all I can say, Kisses all the way around!

I'm glad it's quiet, quiet is good. Ann, do you realize it's coming up on a year since his surgery? Okay, well, I'm sure YOU do, but I just was July, wasn't it? And July's sitting on the doorstep begging to come in!

Wow. So much has happened since then, quiet truly IS a blessing!

Melisande said...

Jack looks absolutely happy and contented!!! Isn't that a gift? Give him a big hug from us and tell him that Donovan said SLCH is still NO FUN!!!