Sunday, May 30, 2010


Much to our dismay, Hilary chooses not to wear her cochlear implant at home.  She tells me she wears it at school, however, I'm not convinced that's really the case.  It totally bums me out when I think of everything we did to give Hilary the best chance at hearing and talking so that she could function in a hearing world.  She, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be on the same page as us.  That's her right and her choice, so I'm done fighting with her over it (although, I'm not sure how she's going to get and keep a job if she isn't fluent in sign and won't wear her implant so she can hear and speak more clearly).

Because Hilary won't wear her implant, we've taken to just writing things down (it reduces the frustration factor immensely).  Eric is thrilled to have Hilary home because she can help him with his video games.  He too, has taken to communicating with Hilary via the written word.  There are pads of paper all over my house with various conversations documented on them.  I found these hilarious, as Eric communicates with Hilary about his game:

Eric to Hilary

Hilary to Eric

Eric to Hilary

I'm thinking this game is a little too advanced for Eric on many levels!


Anonymous said...

Christopher has just become obsessed with video games. I understand the need to get to the next level. Those notes are very cute.

worthy said...

I'm sorry she's not wearing her implant, but as you say, it is her choice. I'm sure she will understand the need to wear it at school and work.

Love the notes, really sweet. Eric is certainly playing very advanced games!

Christy said...

That is so interesting to me that she doesn't want to wear the implant. I can't help but wonder why. Can she hear anything at all without it? I think I prefer Harlie not having any choice really, over any of her care. That must be so hard for you!!!!

Ann said...

Christy -- she can hear absolutely nothing without the implant. She has a profound hearing loss in both ears. She is a relatively good lip reader so she can lead you to believe she understands what you are saying, but there are times she just acts like she understands, when it's clear she doesn't :)

betty d said...

I hope you can tell from her grades if she is wearing the implant! I know you mentioned once that her speech can be difficult to understand sometimes, but I was surprised she responded in writing to Eric. It is a long summer before going back to school, so I hope it works out that she just needs some downtime and then will turn the device back on.

Susan said...

How hard it is to let our kids make their own choices.

I do love that they have their own communication system that works for them. Even if it is all about video games.